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Heating & Cooling Parts in Naples, FL

Properly functioning heating and cooling systems are essential for your comfort on those long drives in your truck. If either system isn’t working, it can make a long trip even longer, potentially causing you (or your engine, even) to overheat or freeze.

When your truck needs parts for your heating or cooling system, what do you do? Call NAPA Sunbelt Truck Parts, of course! We stock a wide variety of truck heating and cooling system parts for customers in Naples, FL, Fort Myers, FL, Lehigh Acres, FL, Arcadia, FL, and the surrounding areas.

Your truck’s heating and cooling systems will run efficiently with parts from NAPA Sunbelt Truck Parts. We are a licensed NAPA Auto Parts store, which means our inventory is second to none. We stock every part you need to maintain your truck and keep you on the road.

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Freightliner Navistar Kenworth Peterbilt Volvo Mack

NAPA Heating & Cooling Parts

NAPA Sunbelt Truck Parts stocks a variety of parts for your truck’s heating and cooling system, including:

  • Water Pumps
  • Radiators
  • Hoses

Your truck needs to keep itself cool, so that critical operating parts do not overheat. A malfunctioning water pump, for example, can cause your engine to overheat, as it is responsible for pushing coolant through the engine block. When a water pump needs replacing, it will not pump the coolant through the engine, so that heat can exit. It will also fail to keep contaminants out of the vehicle’s engine.

Your truck’s radiator is also essential to maintaining a proper temperature for the engine. The radiator uses a series of fans to help move coolant through the engine, again controlling temperature. If the engine overheats, it can become damaged beyond repair.

Why NAPA Sunbelt Truck Parts for Heating & Cooling System Parts?

As an authorized NAPA Auto Parts Shop, we have access to a bigger inventory than other shops. If we do not have the parts you need on the shelf, we can order them from the NAPA catalog. Once we order them, they’re shipped directly to us quickly and easily.

Don’t trust just anyone to your heating and cooling system parts. Stop in today to browse our parts inventory, or contact us for more information today. We’ll keep your truck running right.

Heavy Duty Aluminum Condensers

Spectra # VIO OEM # YEAR COV. Quick application guide
7-9032 150502 1804015 1995-2004 Peterbilt PETERBILT A/C COND(28x28)
7-9019 215899 K122125 1995-2000 Kenworth KENWORTH A/C COND-P/FLOW
7-9040 159993 20461065 1996-2006 Volvo VOLVO TRUCK A /C COND.
7-9021 24315 4866845008 1996-2006 Kenworth KENWORTH A/C COND.
7-9053 96172 2508698091 2001-2007 International INT’L 8000/9000 A/C COND.
7-9010 87141 2242084002 1997-2000 Freightliner FREIGHTLINER A/C COND.
7-9009 202071 2232466001 1999-1992 Freightliner FREIGHTLINER A/COND(29X10X2)
7-9056 23043 F316043 2005-2007 Peterbilt PETERBILT A/C COND.
7-9005 24951 F6HZ19712A 1996-2002 Ford/ Sterling FORD/STERLING A/C COND(35x19)
7-9014 17964 200937801 1994-1997 International INTERNATIONAL A/COND(26X27X1)

Heavy Duty Aluminum Charge Air Coolers

Spectra # VIO OEM # YEAR COV. Quick application guide
4401-3802 230488 518751 1982-2007 PETERBILT 379,359
4401-2502 196137 4861900005 1987-2007 KENWORTH T800,T800
4401-3501 158876 1E3595 1985-2007 INTERNATIONAL / NAVISTAR 9200I,1753
4401-1705 236915 123547000 1981-2007 FREIGHTLINER COLUMBIA 112,4964T-2
4401-3805 4184 18005 1993-2006 PETERBILT 320,320
4401-2501 196137 4860900032 1986-2007 KENWORTH T600A,T600A
4401-1715 196018 BHTD3525 1990-2007 FREIGHTLINER CST120,FLD12064ST
4401-4605 162843 1030154J 1998-2007 VOLVO VNL64TRACTOR,WX64
4401-4701 30672 1E3903D 1981-2007 Western Star 4900SA,4864-2
4401-1709 161292 BHT1SA00210 1985-2007 FREIGHTLINER FLD132,4964T-2

Heavy Duty Aluminum Radiators

Spectra # VIO OEM # YEAR COV. Quick application guide
2001-3503 163551 2585978C91 1985-2005 NAVISTAR 2500,2600,8200,8300,9200,9300,9400 SERIES -41 20061/2”
2001-1711 158796 BHTA9986 2001-2007 FREIGHTLINER COLUMBIA SERIES
2006-3506A 75335 3503905C92 1995-2004 INTERNATIONAL 4900 SERIES MT W/CURVED CONN. RS
2001-3502 38698 1697145C91 1990-2003 NAVISTAR 5000 SFA, 8100 SERIES - 35-5/8
2001-3527 71482 2508454C91 2003-2007 NAVISTAR 9900i SERIES- 33-1/2”
2006-3507 75682 2505159C91 1984-2004 INTL 4400, 7300 SERIES AT W/CURVED CONN. LS, W/TOC GRILLESIDE
2001-1707 118211 BHTA6724 1994-2007 FREIGHTLINER CENTURY CLASS SERIES
2001-4603 100109 20461059 1983-2007 VOLVO VNL 4200 SERIES- 35-1/2”
2001-1710 28747 BHTE3758 1998-2007 FREIGHTLINER CENTURY CLASS 36

Heavy Duty Oil Pans

Spectra # OEM # Applications
CMP01A 3070183 Cummins N14 Rear Sump 80-02
CMP02A 3070182 Cummins N14 Front Sump 80-02
CMP03A 4905350 – 4905352 Cummins L10 / M11 / ISM (REAR SUMP) 92-05
CMP04A 3800904 – 3800906 Cummins L10 / M11 / ISM (FRONT SUMP) 92-05
CMP05A 4952540 Cummins ISX 98-05
DTP01A 1801398C91 International DT466 (Rear Sump) 81-97
DTP02A 1801400C91 International DT466 (Front Sump) 81-97
DTP03A 1809946C91 International DT360
DTP04A 1823278C92 International DT466,DT408 & DT530 93-01 W/O pan heater
DTP04B 1823740C93 International DT466,DT530 93-01 w/ pan heater
FP15B E8HZ-6675A Ford New Holland (6.6L - 7.8L) 88-91
FP22A 1807714C91 International Navistar (Diesel) Prior To 93

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NAPA Sunbelt Truck Parts is a leader in offering brand name quality replacement parts in Naples, Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres, and the surrounding SW Florida area. Our focus is on customer service. Getting you back on the road and back to business is the foundation of our business. Here at NAPA Sunbelt Truck Parts we employ a well-trained staff specialized in identifying and locating the parts you need when you need them. Whether it is for your light duty, medium duty, farm equipment, or full on heavy duty fleet we are prepared to serve your needs with over 400,000 parts available!

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